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/ Faculté des études supérieures et postdoctorales


Staff and Services

The Academic Path - from Admission to Graduation

The staff ensures that the students admitted meet the requirements established by the Faculty. To do so, it supports the academic units in the analysis of the applications and in their recruiting efforts, provides information on master’s and doctoral programs, both for future students and educators.

It oversees compliance with the FESP academic rule and with the regulations specific to each program with respect to students’ registration and the direction they intend to take. It manages the evaluation process of master’s thesis and Ph.D. dissertations in concert with the academic units and the program chairs. It regulates the process in preparation for the granting of degrees.


The staff informs students of the many financial support programs. They bring all the assistance required to seek funding, to submit a scholarship application and to prepare the application for UdeM scholarships and those of provincial, federal and private organizations.